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Web Hosting Business

Before you think; “Wait, I can’t do this, I know nothing about it!”
Well, quite frankly you don’t have to, because we will do everything for you.

Your Responsibility

We will provide


What You Can Sell

You can offer all of these, or niche down and only sell one

Domain Names

A Domain Name creates a starting point, a home or address on the internet.

Choose from a variety of classic domain name extensions, like; .com or .net, too old school?

How about newer one’s like; .business or .store. offer a domain that really suits their brand and best explains what they are about. 

We have over 800 Domain Extensions to choose from!


For those who are not sure what Hosting is, think of it as a storage unit for all your online files.

Perfect to sell to individuals or businesses.  Perfect for new websites or online stores and even moving from other “storage units” to yours to save costs and for the great  service they will be getting!

We have several packages that you can choose from, pick and offer the best-suited Hosting for your clients needs.

Web Design

You can also offer Websites and Online stores. Choose to do it yourself or ask us to help you out, we will give you a great price where you can add your mark-up.

Depending on the scale of the website, a standard website (with all the information provided) can take anywhere from 2 -5 days.

Yes, we know it is at least a month or two faster than what the rest offer, that is because we really love what we do and we are good at it.

Professional Emails

Strengthen a business or brand with a professional email address. We all know that a sales@yourbusiness.com sounds way more trustworthy than a @yahoo email address.

We make use of the most famous and secure: GSuite (Google Business Mail – not to be confused with a free gmail account) and the secure and reliable Linux Mail.

Easily connect with colleagues or clients with a  wide range of easy-to-use tools provided by these Service Providers.

Make Money. Grow Money. Keep Money

Earning Potential

The greatest benefit of this business model is the amazing ROI and ability to create a substantial passive annual income. Yes, you read it right, a passive income, sell something once and earn the profit every year on it’s “birthday” for as long as they are clients.

What you can earn per month / per year:

(These numbers are an accurate reflection of what our Resellers are actually earning, ranging from full time to part-time Resellers.)

A return on investment worth boasting about

Investment Fee

Why aren’t we offering a free package?  Well, most things in life worth having don’t come for free right? 
We feel the same about this…
1. It is worth the investment. 2. It is not too expensive. 3. You will put in more effort if you didn’t “get it for free”.

Break even at
Break even at
Break even at
Reseller Basic
30GB Disk Space
Host 30 Websites
Web Control Panel
Unlimited Bandwidth
White Label Interface
Free Daily Backups
Free Domain Reseller Account
Get Now
Reseller Premium
60GB Disk Space
Host 60 Websites
Web Control Panel
Unlimited Bandwidth
White Label Interface
Free Daily Backups
Free Domain Reseller Account
Get Now
Reseller Supreme
100GB Disk Space
Host 100 Websites
Web Control Panel
Unlimited Bandwidth
White Label Interface
Free Daily Backups
Free Domain Reseller Account
Get Now
getting started with all the tools necessary to build your business

In A Nutshell

Your Hosting

Your Domain Name

Your WordPress Website

Your Email Address


Further Your Knowledge

Not Included:​

Marketing and Sales

With all the tools provided you can hit the road running, stopping only when you feel satisfied with your income.

Billing System

This is not included, but free and paid options will be provided if you don't already have one in mind.

Who else is doing it?

what some of our resellers are saying

I love dic.net!
I am a freelance front-end developer. But I’m not good at set up or customizing domains, DNS and Control Panel such and such.

Their support is awesome! Always a quick response, accurate answers, helpful tips.

I haven’t seen down time which is fantastic. I do like their Client Area. Easy to navigate, clean and simple. Mostly, I like affordable prices.

Trophimus H

“I have had only received excellent service from D.I.C. and are very happy with their friendly service & support.

As promised we have not had any downtime and I take the time that I might have worried to grow my business instead. Thank you for always being there for me and my business.”

Keith I.

“We highly recommend Dean and Elani for excellent consistent service with every aspect of website hosting, design and e-commerce.”

Valerie B.

Very pleased with DIC.net’s service! Very friendly and helpful. Responds quickly. Would recommend them to everyone! 

Madeleine K.

“They offered me the most tailored pricing and DIY options for my new website, including my customised domain, hosting and email.

And the service went ‘the extra mile’, he (they) found an amazing booking software to integrate – and the combination is still trend-setting, even in the competitive times of Google, TripAdvisor and the likes.

In 6 years I have experienced no feared ‘down-times’, viruses or hiccups of any sorts. You want success? Stay right here!

Andrea D

“Over the many years I’ve walked a path with them, they have been nothing but helpful and friendly.

Always willing to assist & the service has been consistently professional.

Can gladly recommend them!”

James S.

Can’t complain. everything was fantastic, easy, and efficient. best customer service.

Mauriz M

In the past days we installed new web sites on your hosting servers so far we like the High tech support and fast response.

I will definitely recommend your hosting and great support. Hope to increase our business with you in the future, even for more services.

Thanks Harry K.


If it doesn't answer your questions, let us know

Anyone! You don’t need any technical experience to start off with, you can learn as you go.

We provide the option to do all your technical support for you and your clients. All you have to focus on, is to grow your business, aka sales and marketing.

Our youngest reseller is 24 and the eldest is 73, if they can do it so can you!

1. Initial Setup

€50 once-off setup-fee.

Which Includes Setup for:

  • Your Reseller Account
  • WordPress Website
  • Domain Name
  • Email Address

Plus you will receive a Support Package with:

  • Tutorial Videos
  • Famous Business eBooks  to help with your new venture

The €50 setup-fee is optional, if you don’t need a Website, email or Domain Name, say for instance you are a Web Design Agency, you may just sell the services under your current business. Please contact us if you would rather go this route.

2. Packages:
These packages can be upgraded or downgraded for FREE at any time:

– Basic €38 pm
30GB so +/- 30 Clients (€1524 potential profit)

– Premium €62 pm

60GB so +/- 60 Clients  (€3058 potential profit)

– Supreme €98 pm

100GB so +/- 100 Clients (€6424 potential profit)

(See the Investment Fee pricing tables for more details)

3. Additional – Full Tech Support 

This is where we do all the tech stuff for you, (past the 30 day FREE setup period)
We will act as the Technical Support Department in your business, servicing all your clients technical needs and queries.

Package Prices:

  • Per Hour Package: €35 per hour
  • 4 Hour Package: €140 for 4 hours per month
  • 8 Hour Package: €280 for 8 hours per month

(Packages will be available in our store)

  1. After Registration / Buying a Hosting Package, we will provide you with a FREE reseller account, which you can sign into at any time to keep track of all your orders.
  2. As soon as one of your customers buys a service from you, they pay you directly, you then log into your Reseller Account and purchase that Service from us.
  3. We will set everything up for you in the first 30 days and make it available on your server, which you will have full access to.

We will provide training videos on how to do this, it is really very easy to do, after following along a step-by-step video, you will soon be able to do it with your eyes closed (please don’t try it though). Alternatively, you can purchase one of our support packages and we will do everything for you until you feel confident enough to do it yourself.

A reasonable waiting period to give to your customers is 24-48 hours.

You can sell to anyone in the world, we welcome all decent human beings and business, from epic mommy bloggers to seven figure business owners. Please make sure to read our “What we don’t allow” section also.

Dic.Net offers Domain Name System (DNS) resolving on our distributed CDN with data centers in 200 major cities. Because the CDN is Anycast, DNS queries can be resolved from any data center in the network very quickly.

Main Continents of the nameserver locations:

  1. North America
  2. Latin America & Caribbean
  3. Europe
  4. Asia
  5. Oceania
  6. Africa
  7. Middle East
  8. Mainland China

The benefits are as follows:
Detect, Protect, Monitor, Accelerate, and more… There is no doubt, implementing Anycast DNS is one of the quickest ways to speed up and add security to your website. Websites load fast and to decrease the web page load time and protect from online threats, including DDoS.

We will NOT tolerate any of these:

  • Zero Tolerance Adult Content Policy
  • Child Pornography Prohibited
  • Free Web Hosting Not Allowed For Resellers’ Clients
  • Infringement of Intellectual Property Rights

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. Any material that, in our judgment, is obscene, violent, inhumane, threatening, illegal, or violates our Terms of Service or this AUP in any manner may be removed from our servers (or otherwise disabled), with or without notice.

Please take the time to go through our Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) here. 

Take Control Of Your Own Destiny

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People join for many reasons, to make more money, to work for themselves, to be independent and the biggest one we get; is for stability and security. We have a wide variety of people who had no idea where to start, but are on their way to creating the lifestyles they want, will you join us?